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5. Restrictions

  1. HWHI staff shall encourage each individual's participation in normal activities and conditions of everyday living. 

  2. HWHI staff shall not restrict any individual's freedom more than is needed for his safety and well being or to intervene in case of an emergency.

  3. HWHI staff shall not impose any restrictions on an individual unless the restriction is justified and carried out according to these regulations.

  4. HWHI staff shall make sure that a qualified professional regularly review any restrictions and that the restriction is discontinued when the individual has met the criteria for removal.

  5. HWHI staff shall not place any restrictions on the physical or personal freedom of any individual solely because criminal or delinquency charges are pending against the individual.

  6. HWHI staff may impose restrictions if a qualified professional involved in the individual's services has in advance: 

  • Assessed and documented all possible alternatives to the proposed restriction, taking into account the individual medical and mental condition, behavior, preferences, medication needs and the ability to function independently.

  • Determine that proposed restriction is necessary for to provide effective services for the individual or to protect him or others from personal harm, injury or death.

  • Document in the individual's set-vice record the specific action for the restriction; and 

  • Explain so the individual can understand the reason for the restriction, criteria for removal and the individual right to a fair review of whether the restriction is permissible.

No individuals will have their rights restricted except in an emergency situation or if detailed in their ISP and approved by the team. If an individual may harm themselves or others, emergency services will be called immediately by any staff member.

If an individual has a rights restriction indicated in his/her ISP, the necessary documentation to restrict a right will be included.  Home Is Where the Heart Is will collaborate with the support coordinator and other providers to collect data, attempt alternative strategies, and work towards reinstating the restriction over time. 

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