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14. Food

Individuals can choose what, when, where, and with whom they want to eat. 

  • Individuals can decide whether they want to eat with their housemates or not 

  • Individuals can invite family or friends to share meals 

  • Individuals can decide when to eat their meals. If a common meal has been prepared, individuals have the option to eat at a later time or in a different location than the group 

  • Individuals can choose where to eat in their homes including but not limited to: at the dining table, outside on the deck, or in the living room with a TV tray. 

  • If an individual has a medical food restriction such as a food allergy in their ISP, the staff will develop an individual protocol to maintain safety with minimal infringement on choices. 

  • Individuals can make arrangements to eat at a restaurant (if they have the financial means to do so) 

    • Staff will assist individuals to make a savings plan if the individual requests.

    • Staff will assist individuals with transportation if the individual requests. 

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