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6. Code of Conduct

Home Is Where the Heart Is and all staff recognize the importance of treating individuals with dignity and respect. The following code of conduct applies to anyone employed by Home Is Where the Heart Is: 

  • Protect Health & Safety: If a Home Is Where the Heart Is staff suspect an individual has experienced any abuse, neglect, exploitation, or maltreatment, our first duty is to protect the individual’s health and safety. 

    • Staff will report any suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation, or maltreatment to Adult Protective Services and to the Behavioral Health Division in the form of a critical incident report. 

  • Compliance with laws: All staff will conduct business activities in compliance with all applicable laws and Home Is Where the Heart Is policies. All staff is expected to take appropriate action against co-workers who violate laws or policies.

  • Privacy: Home Is Where the Heart Is,  is responsible for ensuring all staff are trained in the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and follow its guidelines. 

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