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Dedicated to Promoting the Unique Abilities of Our Residents.

A Group Home for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities


We are a community-based intellectual disability program supporting citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia and licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

Providing a full range of residential service opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Home Is Where the Heart Is has a team approach of service delivery.  Our approach requires that comprehensive services are based upon the individual’s needs, choices, and interests. Our intents are always to provide the maximum opportunity for development while making sure that each individual has the freedom to continually grow and identify any potential for happiness.  


We assess needs and services to ensure appropriate service delivery to individuals. We are focused on freedoms, community, normalization, self- advocacy, less restrictions, and last but certain not least, dignity.  Our programs are designed to enhance the level of social, cognitive, and physical abilities of every individual so that they are just as much as productive citizens as everyone else.


These programs are developed in response to requests from the needs of citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Home Is Where the Heart Is cooperates with local, state, and federal  agencies, as well as private agencies.

  • Daily living skills

  • Money management

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Nutritional values

  • Self-care development

  • Community involvement

  • Behavior management

  • Health and safety skills

  • Personal and oral hygiene

  • All consumers will travel for a summer vacation

  • 24-hour supervision and support for all consumers

  • To develop and provide services consistent with the needs of the intended population of service recipients that reflects best practice methodologies for effectiveness and appropriateness.

  • To all for the flexibility of individualized service provision within programs responsibly structured to access and maximize available resources

  • To realize actual resource constraints to ensure practically designed programs.

  • To maintain compliance with applicable standards of operation

Better Care Starts with You!
“I am very grateful for the staff and all that they do.
They are awesome.” - Anonymous Family Member of Resident
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